Posted by: anna | December 6, 2010

St Polin of Whitland

Today on the new calendar is the feast of our beloved St Nicholas, bishop of Myra! Happy Feast! on the Julian calendar we still have St Nicholas’ feast to  look forward to – I hope by then I will be able to share photos of our new iconostasis, which of course includes a beautiful icon of Nicholas, our patron saint. Here is a little preview, of the mosaic which will eventually be installed on the outside of the church. Yesterday I had the delightful experience of sitting next to the new brass cupola, a little shining onion dome destined of course for the top of the tower, but currently in the choir loft awaiting its installer from Russia! (I suppose English brickies don’t have a lot of experience with onion domes? I expect this arrangement is all part of the donation.)
  So returning to 23 November (o.s.), today we commemorate St. Polin (Paulhen, Pewlin, Paulinus), abbot of Whitland, of whom there seems little to say other than celt-saints’ brief summary : ‘Died c. 505. A Welsh abbot, pupil of Saint Illtyd, Paulinus is possibly the founder of the monastery of Whitland (Caermarthen), where he had among his disciples Saint David and Saint Teilo (Benedictines).’ There is rather more to say about Whitland, which was refounded as a Cistercian house, perhaps on Paulinus’ foundation, in the 12th century, and where the monastic tradition continues today with a modern house of Cistercian nuns. I am startled to find a troparion! from, I do wish sources were provided for these things.
Troparion of St Polin Tone 8
Thou wast a worthy shepherd of thy flock, O Father Polin,/ bringing many to Christ by thy preaching./ As from Whitland’s monastery the pure light of thy piety shone forth,/ pray that we too may be true lights in a world of darkness/ and may thereby attain eternal salvation.
Holy Paulinus, pray to God for us.


  1. Beautiful mosaic.

  2. Yes, I am waiting for St. Nicholas on the 19th too but the rest of my family would think of it today, being from Holland origionally…

    Beautiful icon of St. Nicholas. Neat that someone is coming from Russia to put up the dome; sounds like it is slowly all coming together; how lovely.

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