Posted by: anna | January 18, 2011

St Talida

Today (5 January) again I’ve had a little poke through Miss Dunbar and found:

St. Talida, TALISDIS, AMA, AMATA, or AMMA TALIDA (Mother Talida), Jan. 5, March 13, 5th century. Abbess of Antinois in the Thebaid. There were twelve convents of holy women in the city of Antinoe; Talida was so beloved by her sixty nuns that the door never had to be locked as in other monasteries, and they called her the well-beloved mother. Palladius, Lamiaca. AA.SS. Whitford, English Mart.

Well, here is an example of a very short life if it can even be called that – but what else do we need to know?

Bless the Revd Benedict Baker of Bronllys, he is translating chunks of the Vitae Patrum and publishing them here, including.the short but lovely stories of Amma Talida and Taora here.

Ponomar online menologion project – inclues Talida and Taor

Holy Mother Talida, pray to God for us.

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