Posted by: anna | January 19, 2011

Theophany and St Schotin

Christ is baptised!
Today (6 January) is the Feast of the Holy Theophany, the Baptism of the Lord, one of the Twelve Great Feasts in the temporal cycle of the church – feasts centring on events in the earthly life of Jesus. In the sanctoral cycle we commemorate St. Schotin (Schottin, Scarthin), disciple of St David of Wales (6th C), for whom celt-saints is the only readily available source: ‘While still a youth, Schotin left Ireland to become a disciple of Saint David in Wales. For many years after his return to Ireland he led the life of an anchorite at Mt. Mairge, Leix. He is said to have established a school for boys at Kilkenny (Benedictines).’

Troparion of St Schotin tone 4

0 disciple of Dewi Sant,/ Flower of the wilderness and teacher of the young,/ Holy Schotin, in life thou didst serve Christ./ Wherefore, O Saint, intercede that by following thee in all piety and Godly quiet,/ we may attain eternal life.

Holy Father Schotin, pray to God for us.


  1. The Irish calendars commemorate Saint Schotin or Scuithin as he is more commonly called here on January 2. I don't know any other source apart from celt-saints which assigns his feast to 6th January.

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