Posted by: anna | March 31, 2011

St. Egbert of Ripon

Today (18 March) we commemorate St. Egbert (Ecgberht) of Ripon, Confessor (ca. 720) – though Wikipedia says his Orthodox commemoration is 24 April, on Orthodox Wiki it’s today. I don’t think there is a definitive Orthodox calendar of western saints yet, so there we are. For now… And I’m not going to include a Life because I’m completely confused between the monk of Ripon and the Archbishop of York – I can’t find any particular reference to Ripon except in connection with St Wilfrid and the Archbishop called Egbert, and the Egbert who helped to reform paschal computus made a vow of perpetual pilgrimage, so he wasn’t a a monk of Ripon. Anyway. Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People is online here and the Egbert extracts are here. Don’t confuse with Egbert, king of Kent.

celt-saints ‘Monk of Ripon.’
Catholic Encyclopedia
Tropaire à saint Egbert, moine à Iona, (Natalice en 729 A.D.) Ton 3. By the good offices as usual of M Lopez-Ginisty of Acathistes et Offices Orthodoxes.

Tu fus moine au monastère sacré d’Iona,*
Tu tentas d’unifier les usages romains et celtes*
Concernant la date de la célébration*
De la fête de la résurrection du Christ,*
Et tu mandas saint Willibrord apôtre en Frise.*
Saint Egbert, prie le Christ pour qu’Il sauve nos âmes!

You were a monk at the holy monastery of Iona, *
You attempted to unify the Roman and Celtic customs *
Regarding the date of the celebration *
Of the feast of the resurrection of Christ, *
And you sent St. Willibrord into Frisia as an apostle.*
St. Egbert, pray to Christ that He save our souls!

Holy Father Egbert, pray to God for us.

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