Posted by: anna | April 6, 2011


A prince of angels was sent from heaven to say to the Mother of God, ‘Hail!’ And seeing thee, o Lord, take bodily form at the sound of his bodiless voice, he was filled with amazement and stood still, crying to her thus:

Hail, thou through whom joy will shine forth:

Hail, thou through whom the curse will cease.

Hail, thou restoration of fallen Adam:

Hail, thou redemption of the tears of Eve.

Hail, thou Height hard to climb for the thought of man:

Hail, thou Depth hard to perceive even for the eyes of angels.

Hail, thou that art the throne of the King:

Hail, thou who dost hold Him who holdeth all.

Hail, thou Star who dost make the Sun appear:

Hail, thou Womb of the divine incarnation.

Hail, thou through whom the creation is made new:

Hail, thou through whom the Creator becomes a newborn child.

Hail, thou Bride unwedded!

– Ikos from the Canon of the Annunciation


  1. blessed feast! It is wonderful to be sharing this feast with you!

    ps: if you have the whole canon for Annunciation, can you send it to me?? thanks 🙂

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