Posted by: anna | May 9, 2011


Several troparia of early western saints translated from M Lopez-Ginisty’s post for today (26 April); more details perhaps in future posts, but this for now:

Tone 2 Troparion to St Anacletus, Orthodox Pope of Rome (+88)

Successor of St Linus in the city of Rome,
You directed the western Church
and during the persecution of [Christians under the Emperor] Domitian
You gave up your life on the altar of martyrdom.
Holy Anacletus, Good Shepherd of the Lord Christ,
Pray to God that he grant us salvation!


Tone 3 Troparion to St Exuperantia, martyr (+380)

Native of Troyes, you desired from your childhood
To consecrate yourself to a life in accordance with the Gospel.
In your spiritual life you were aided
By the Fathers of the monastery of St Ours.
Holy Exuperantia, wise virgin of Christ,
Pray to Him to grant salvation to our souls!


Tone 4 Troparion to St Riquier, missionary and hermit in Picardy (+645)

Converted to Christ by Irish monks,
You cared for lepers, and then became a missionary.
You founded the holy monastery of Centula [St-Riquier],
And having attained to a life pleasing to God
You became a hermit in the forest of Crécy.
Holy Father Riquier, pray to the Lord to save our souls!


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