Posted by: anna | June 28, 2011

St. Edburga of Winchester

Today (15 June) in the calendar of early British saints we commemorate St. Edburga (Eadburh) of Winchester (960). From Miss Dunbar:

St Edburga (6) or Eadburgis, June 15, Dec.21. +960. Patron of Winchester. Nun. Youngest of fourteen children of Edward the Elder, king of England (901-925). Sister of Kings Edmund and Edred; of Edgiva, queen of Arles or Provence; and of St Elfleda (3).. Half-sister of King Athelstane; St Edith, queen of Northumberland; B. Edith, queen of Germany; Edgiva, queen of France; Eadhild, countess of Paris; Elgiva, countess of Aquitaine; and Ethelhild, nun at Wilton.
When Edburga was three years old, her father placed before her, on one side, royal ornaments, jewels, and toys, and on the other, a book of the Gospels, a chalice, and a penitential religious habit, bidding her choose. She pushed away the worldly baubles, and joyfully took hold of the religious objects. Her parents placed her in the nunnery of St. Mary, at Winchester, begun by her grandparents, Alfred the Great and Alswitha, and finished by King Edward. Here she attained to great holiness, and died of fever in 960. AA.SS., from William of Malmesbury, etc. Book of Hyde.. Brit. Sancta. Butler, Dec. 21. Leslie Stephen, Dic. Nat. Biog.: ‘Edward the Elder’; Guerin, P.B., calls her St. Edburg of Pershore, because relics of her were kept there.
  • celt-saints
  • wikipedia – lots of useful proper references
  • Edburga is listed in the June section of a calendar in MS BL Royal 1 D X, an early 13th century Psalter probably produced in and for use in Oxford, as is Etheldreda. St Frideswide is listed in February.
Holy Mother Edburga, pray to God for us.

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