Posted by: anna | June 30, 2011

SS Botolph and Adolph

icon image from St Botolph without Aldgate, no attribution.

Today (17 June) in the calendar of early British saints we commemorate St. Botolph, abbot and confessor, of Boston, and his brother St. Adolph (680). Today is St Botolph’s main feast day; I have already posted about him on the feast of the translation of his relics (1 December). Adolph became a bishop in the Netherlands but I haven’t found out more about him yet.

St Botolph is the patron of an Antiochian parish in London – Fr Alexander Tefft posts his homilies online and they come highly recommended and regularly quoted by Margaret.

There are quite a few parish churches dedicated to St Botolph:

– well, I was going to list them all but there are lots! St Botolph is still well loved, particularly in the southeast of England.

Apolytikion of St Botolph, from the Divine Music Project at St Anthony’s Monastery in Arizona:

Neither the desolation of the fens not the depth of thy humility could hide the light of thy virtues, whereby thou becamest a lamp unto the faithful, O Botolph our righteous Father. Wherefore we entreat thee: do thou also enlighten us who venerate thy blessed memory.

Holy Father Botolph, pray to God for us.

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