Posted by: anna | July 8, 2011

St Cuneberga of Gloucester

Today (25 June) in the calendar of early British saints we commemorate the Holy Martyr Cyneburgh (Cuneberga, Kyneburga, Kenburg, Keneburga, Kenneburga) of Gloucester. I have posted about her before, here,  in a ‘not to be confused with’ way, but this time she gets her own post. From Miss Dunbar:

St. Kyneburga (3), June 25, 7th or 8th century. Stanton says all we know of Kyneburga of Gloucester is derived from the lessons of her office, compiled after her translation late in the 14th century. According to these, she was of a royal race among the ancient Saxons, and a royal marriage was arranged for her. To escape from this earthly tie, she fled to Gloucester, where she was unknown. She there engaged herself as servant to a baker, who soon adopted her as his own daughter. His wife, however, was jealous of her influence. One day, in his absence, she murdered the holy virgin and threw her into a well, afterwards called by her name. When the master came home, he called Kyneburga, who answered from the well. The body was taken up and reverently buried ; after a time a church was built over her grave, and miracles attested her holiness. The Gloucester annals, Camden, and Leland all represent her as the first abbess of St. Peter’s at Gloucester, founded by Osric, king of Northumberland, where KYNEBURGA, EDBURGA, and EVA or WEEDE, all Mercian queens, successively presided ; but Stanton thinks this seems to be a confusion between KYNEBURGA (1) and the baker’s maid.

celt-saints mentions her with no information at all!

Holy Mother Cuneberga, pray to God for us.


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