Posted by: anna | July 15, 2011

St Monegundis

Today (2 July, Happy St Swithin’s Day to those on the new calendar!) we commemorate St Monegundis, hermit near Chartres, +.570. From Miss Dunbar:

St. Monegund (2), MONGON, or MOLNAGUND, July 2, +570. Patron of Chimay. Overcome with grief for the death of her two daughters, she tried to resign herself to the will of God. With the consent of her husband she shut herself up in a little cell and had the scantiest and coarsest food, given her through a window by a maid. The maid found the task troublesome and left her to starve, from which fate she was saved by a miracle. After a time, her reputation for sanctity brought so many visitors that she retired to Tours, and having paid her devotions at the tomb of St. Martin, shut herself up in another cell. Her husband brought her back to Chartres; but she persuaded him to let her return to Tours. There she collected round her a few pious women, who shared her life of austerity and devotion and consoled her for the loss of her children. AA.SS. from St. Gregory of Tours, who knew her personally. Yepez, Chron. Ben. Cahier. Baillet.


Ton 2 Tropaire à sainte Monégonde, higoumène de Chartres, (Natalice en 570 A.D.)

Lorsque tes deux filles naquirent dans le Ciel,*
Tu te retiras dans la prière et le jeûne,*
Puis tu vécus près du tombeau de saint Martin,*
Où des compagnes dévotes te rejoignirent.*
Et ta tombe fut une source de miracles.*
Sainte Monégonde, prie le Christ pour nos âmes!

When your two daughters were born into heaven, *
You withdrew into prayer and fasting. *
Then you lived near the tomb of St. Martin, *
Where devout companions joined you .*
And your grave was a source of miracles .*
Sainte Monégonde, pray to Christ for our souls!


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