Posted by: anna | July 16, 2011

St Guthagon

Today (3 July) in the calendar of early western saints we commemorate St. Guthagon of Ireland, hermit in Belgium (8th C). From Baring-Gould:

S. GUTHAGON, C. (uncertain.) [Belgian Martyrologies. Authority :—Popular tradition.] According to worthless popular tradition, and lections for the festival at Oostkerke, near Furness, in Belgium, Guthagon, son of a Scottish king, came with his faithful servant Ghillo into Flanders, and settled at Oostkerke, where he died and was buried. His relics were elevated and enshrined by Gerard, bishop of Tournai, in 1159, and July 3rd is the day of this elevation. Nothing more is known of this Saint. He was probably some pious pilgrim of Irish or Scottish nationality, who died at Oostkerke, and popular imagination has exalted him into a prince.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints

Holy Guthagon, pray to God for us.

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