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St Hedda

Life of Guthlac (the ‘Guthlac Roll’) 
Last quarter of the 12th c or 1st quarter of the 13th c
Roundel 10  Guthlac is ordained by Hedda

Today (7 July) we commemorate St. Hedda (Hædde, Hedde, Haedda, Haeddi), bishop of the West Saxons (705). From Baring-Gould (p.169):


‘S. HEDDA, B. (a.d. 705.) [Modern Roman Martyrology. Not in any Ancient Martyrology. Authority :—Mention by Bede in his Eccl. Hist.] S. Hedda was an East-Saxon by birth, and a monk of the monastery of Whitby. He was made bishop of the West-Saxons in 676 by Theodore of Canterbury, and placed his episcopal seat at Dorchester, near Oxford, but afterwards removed his seat to Winchester. On the death of Ceadwalla, Ina succeeded him on the throne of Wessex. He drew up a code of laws with the assistance of S. Hedda and S. Erconwald. Bede says of Hedda, ” He was a good and just man, and exercised his episcopal duties rather through his innate love of virtue than through the learning he had acquired.” The Saxon Chronicle says that he died in 703, after having held the bishopric of Winchester twenty-nine years; but this date is wrong, for on the authority of the chronicle itself we are told that he was consecrated to the bishopric of the West-Saxons in 676. Therefore his death must have taken place in 705, a date which agrees with the statement of Bede that Hedda died in the beginning of the reign of Osred. Now Alfrid, king of the Northumbrians, died in 705, and was at once succeeded by the young Osred.’


Ton 2 Tropaire à saint Hedde, évêque de Winchester, (Natalice en 705 A.D.)


Tu fus évêque des Saxons occidentaux,*
Tu établis ton siège épiscopal en cité de Winchester*
Où tu fis translation du corps de saint Birin,*
Tu organisas l’Eglise de ta région,*
En havre de paix pour les fidèles du Christ.*
Saint Hedde, supplie le Seigneur de nous sauver!


You were made bishop of the west Saxons,
and established your episcopal see in the city of Winchester
whither you caused the body of St Birinus to be translated.
You organised the Church of your region
into a haven of peace for Christ’s faithful.
Holy Haeddi, entreat the Lord to save us!


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