Posted by: anna | August 7, 2011

Glossinda of Metz

Today (25 July) we commemorate St Glossinda of Metz (also of Champagne) +608. From Miss Dunbar:
St. Glodesind (CHLODSENDIS, CLODESWIDE, CLOSIND, CLOSSEINDE . CLOTHSENDD, CLOTSEND, GLOSSINE, etc.), V. +f c. 608. Patron of Metz. Abbess and founder of a convent at Metz. Daughter of Wintrio and Godila, in the time of Childeric, king of France. Married a young nobleman named Obeleno. He had no sooner taken her to his house than the king sent for him and put him in prison for a year because of some villainy that he had committed, and at the end of that time had him beheaded. Her father wished her to marry again. As she was unwilling, he intended to take her to his sister, Rotelinda, a holy  woman at Treves, that she might persuade her to gratify him. Glodesind, however, fled to Metz, and took refuge there in the Church of St. Stephen. Afterwards she went to her pious aunt Rotelinda at Treves, and was instructed by her in monastic observances. Then her parents gave her means to build a convent at Metz, where she had more than a hundred nuns.
Ton 1 Tropaire à sainte Glossinde de Metz, higoumène, (Natalice en 608 A.D.)

Fille du Duc Wintron, tu refusas l’hymen,*
Afin de te consacrer à l’Epoux Céleste.*

Tu te réfugias donc à l’église de Metz,*

Et tu fondas un couvent où les âmes vinrent*

Se placer sous la protection de saint Benoît.*

Sainte Glossinde, prie Dieu pour notre salut!
Tone 1 Troparion to St Glossinda of Metz, abbess (+608)

Daughter of Duke Wintrio of Champagne, you refused marriage
In order to consecrate yourself to the heavenly Bridegroom.

You fled to the church at Metz,
And founded a monastery, to which souls came
To place themselves under the protection of St Benedict.
Saint Glossinda, pray to God for our salvation!

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