Posted by: anna | August 26, 2011

St Concordia and St Helen of Burgos

Today (13 August) there are no further commemorations listed on Yorkthodox, but Miss Dunbar provides us with details of two early female saints:
St Concordia, martyr at Rome, 252. Patron of nurses and good children. Nurse of St. Hippolytus. She was scourged to death, and he was tied by the feet to wild horses and dragged through thorns and over rough ground until he died. Nineteen more of the household of Hippolytus were beheaded at the same time. After martyrdom, Concordia was thrown into the cloaca maxima. SS. Irenaeus and Abundius took her body out of the sewer to bury it, and were therefore thrown in alive.

St. Helen (2), Patron of Burgos. Martyred with ST. CENTOLLA in one of the early persecutions. Their history, taken from the records of the church at Burgos, is briefly this: Centolla, having professed Christianity, was put to the torture. A crowd of women came round, and besought her to abjure the Christian faith and suffer no more. Helen, however, a noble virgin, approached Centolla, praised her constancy, and exhorted her to endure to the end. Centolla answered that she gladly suffered, and added, ‘See that thou fail not ; thou wilt suffer with me for Christ.’ The governor, fearing lost the heresy should spread, ordered both to be beheaded. Sierro on the Ebro, Cantabria, and the neighbourhood of Burgos, are mentioned as the scene of their martyrdom. Their bodies were brought to Burgos in the 13th or 14th century.
Holy Saints Concordia and Helen, pray to God for us.


  1. We are glad you are better.

    Fortunately Miss Tilney does not have your address so she can't send you an Indescribable Wiggling Thing from under the deck to celebrate with. God is good 😉

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