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troparia for 26 October

Today (26 October) in the calendar of early western saints, we commemorate, and M Lopez-Ginisty provides troparia in French for, the following saints: Cedd, Demetrius of Gap, Aptonius of Angouleme and Rusticus of Narbonne.

Ton 8 Tropaire à saint Cedde, apôtre de Londres, (Natalice en 661 A.D.)
Frère de saint Chad, tu vécus à Lindisfarne,*
Tu fus envoyé par le roi de Northumbrie*
Afin d’évangéliser les Saxons de l’Est.*
Tu séjournas alors dans la ville de Londres,*
Et puis tu te retiras dans un monastère.*
Saint Cedde intercède auprès de Dieu pour nos âmes!

Tone 8 Troparion to St Cedd, Apostle of London (+661)
Brother of St Chad, you lived on Lindisfarne,
You were sent by the king of Northumbria
To evanglise the East Saxons.
You then stayed for a time in the city of London,
And later withdrew into a monastery.
St Cedd, intercede with God for our souls!

Ton 2 Tropaire à saint Démètre, évêque de Gap, (Natalice au 1er siècle)
Disciple des apôtres, tu vins dans les Gaules,*
Et, devenu évêque en la ville de Gap,*
Tu prêchas l’Evangile de notre Seigneur,*
Amenant les païens au bercail salutaire.*
En martyr enfin, tu donnas ta vie au Christ,*
Saint Démètre intercède pour notre salut!

Tone 2 Troparion to St Demetrius, bishop of Gap (+ 1st c)
Disciple of the Apostles, you went into Gaul,
And, becoming bishop in the city of Gap,
You preached the Gospel of our Lord,
Bringing the pagans into the saving fold.
Finally, you gave your life to Christ in martyrdom.
St Demetrius, intercede for our salvation!


Ton 4 Tropaire à saint Aphtone, évêque d’Angoulême, (Natalice en 566 A.D.)
Lorsque les hérétiques ariens eurent fui,*
Tu fus élu évêque au siège d’Angoulême.*
Tu rétablis l’orthodoxie pour les fidèles*
Que tu conservas dans l’Eglise en Bon Pasteur.*
Tu assistas aux deux Conciles d’Orléans.*
Saint Aphtone intercède auprès de Dieu pour nous!

Tone 4 Troparion to St Aptonius, bishop of Angouleme (+566)
When the Arian heretics had fled,
You were elected bishop in the see of Angouleme.
You restored Orthodoxy for the faithful
Which you preserved in the Church as a Good Shepherd.
You attended the two Councils of Orleans.
St Aptonius, intercede with God for us!


Ton 6 Tropaire à saint Rustique, évêque de Narbonne, (Natalice en 462 A.D.)
Tu étais le fils du saint hiérarque Bonose,*
Saint Jérôme t’instruisit quand tu devins moine,*
Tu vécus saintement et Dieu te conduisit*
Jusques au siège de l’église de Narbonne,*
Saint Rustique, qui eut une vie exemplaire,*
Prie Dieu d’avoir de nous grande miséricorde!

Tone 6 Troparion to St Rusticus, bishop of Narbonne (+462)
You were the son of the holy hierarch Bonosus,
St Jerome instructed you when you became a monk,
You lived a holy life, and God led you
Even to the see of the church of Narbonne.
St Rusticus, you who led an exemplary life,
Pray to God to have great mercy on us!

A note about the troparia in French – as far as I am aware these are the original compositions of M. Claude Lopez-Ginisty of Acathistes et Offices Orthodoxes, a wonderful resource for the early saints of western Europe, except where he indicates his translation from another source. Translations into English are mine unless (very rarely) otherwise noted; I reproduce the French alongside the English in order to make my translations transparent, as I know that they are neither beautiful, metrical nor always 100% accurate. I hope at least they may be considerably more use than automatic translation software (mentioning no names) for conveying the meaning of the words!

Holy Fathers of the Church, pray to God for us.


  1. I have a Cedric, and he was Chrismated under his middle name. However, had I known about St. Cedd at the time, I would have chosen him for his Patron.

    Holy St. Cedd, pray to God for us.

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