Posted by: anna | November 22, 2011

St Pabo of Llanbabo

image of a Welsh icon taken from here – no source given

Today (9 November) in the calendar of early British saints we commemorate St. Pabo, Founder of Llanbabon Monastery in Anglesey, Wales. From celt-saints:

Pabo of Llanbabon: Died c. 510. Surnamed ‘Post-Prydain,’ Pabo was the son of a chieftain on the Scottish border and at first a soldier. Later he came to Wales and founded the monastery called after him Llanbabon, in Anglesey. Britain and Brittany are often confused in old hagiographical records (Benedictines).

Troparion of St Pabo tone 8
Revered “Pillar of Northern Britain” and Light of Monastics, O Father Pabo,/ leaving thy family and homeland, thou didst found on Anglesey a house of prayer./ May thy example inspire us, O holy one, to respect the monastic virtues/ which attain to the salvation of souls.


Baring-Gould & Fisher
more about the church at Llanbabo

Holy Father Pabo, pray to God for us.

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