Posted by: anna | November 24, 2011

SS Cynfran and Rhediw

Today (11 November) in the calendar of early British saints we commemorate two Welsh saints, Cynfran and Rhediw.

From celt-saints: ‘St. Cynfran of Wales, Son of Saint Brychan of Brecknock – 5th century. A Welsh saint, one of the sons of the chieftain Saint Brychan of Brecknock (f.d. April 6) and founder of a church in Carnavonshire, where there is a Saint Cynfran’s well (Benedictines).

‘Troparion of St Cynfran tone 8
Today we rejoice, celebrating in thine honour, O Father Cynfran, and as thou hast bestowed on countless generations the miracle of healing,/ intercede with Christ our God for the healing and salvation of our souls. ‘


From celt-saints: ‘St. Rhedius (Rhediw) of Llanllyfni, Wales – Date unknown. A Welsh saint whose name is perpetuated by the dedication of a church in his honour at Llanllyfni in Carnarvonshire (Benedictines).’

Both Cynfran and Rhediw are covered very briefly by Baring Gould, here. Cynfran has a few more details in Baring Gould & Fisher, here, and Rhediw here, as Gredyw.

Holy Fathers Cynfran and Rhediw, pray to God for us.

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