Posted by: anna | December 26, 2011

troparia for 13 December

Today (13 December) we commemorate SS Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse and Odile, abbess of Hohenburg.

Troparion of St Lucy of Sicily Tone 5
Adorned with the radiant robe of virginity,/ thou wast betrothed to Christ the Lifegiver,/ and didst disdain all mortal love./ Therefore thou didst bring to the Lord as a bridal gift/ the streams of thy martyr’s blood./ Intercede with Him for us all, O Virgin Martyr Lucy.

Kontakion of St Lucy of Sicily Tone 3
We honour thee, pure Virgin and trophy-bearer,/ and praise thine illustrious contest./ For thou didst desire only the beauty of Christ/ and didst disdain all things corruptible./ O Lucy, when thou wast beheaded thou didst receive incorruptible glory.


Ton 2 Tropaire à sainte Odile d’Alsace, higoumène, (Natalice en 720 A.D.)
Aveugle promise à la mort à ta naissance,*
Par ton père qui ne voulait pas d’une infirme,*
Tu as recouvré la vue par le saint baptême.*
Tu retrouvas ta famille et la convertis.*
Puis tu fus higoumène en un couvent d’Alsace.
Sainte Odile, prie le Seigneur de nous sauver!

Troparion to St Odile of Alsace, abbess (+720)
Born blind and condemned to death at your birth
By your father, who did not want a disabled child,
You recovered your sight through Holy Baptism.
You met your family again and converted them.
You then became abbess of a monastery in Alsace.
St Odilia, pray to the Lord to save us!

Holy mothers of the Church, pray to God for us.

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