Posted by: anna | December 30, 2011

St Sturm of Fulda – 17 Dec

Today (17 December) in the calendar of early western saints we commemorate St Sturm, first abbot of Fulda. Sturm became a disciple of St Boniface and a missionary in various parts of Germany, founding monasteries at Hersfeld, Fulda and Hamelin. He was abbot of Fulda for more than thirty years, and appears to have been an able administrator and politician as well as a bearer of the Gospel.

Ton 3 Tropaire à saint Sturme, apôtre des Saxons, (Natalice en 779 A.D.)

Enfant d’une noble famille de Bavière,*
Tu fus confié à l’apôtre de Germanie,*
Saint Boniface qui fit de toi un saint prêtre.*
Tu te retiras au désert, puis tu t’en vins à Fulde,*
Et tu entrepris l’éducation des barbares.*
Saint Sturme, intercède auprès de Dieu pour nos âmes!

Troparion in Tone 3 to St Sturm, apostle to the Saxons (+779)
Son of a noble Bavarian family.
You were confided to the care of the apostle of Germany,
St Boniface, who made you a holy priest.
You withdrew to the wilderness, and then went to Fulda,
Where you undertook the education of the barbarians,
St Sturm, intercede before God for our souls!

Life in French
Eigil’s Life of Sturm


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