Posted by: anna | January 20, 2012

St Tillo of Tournai – 7 January

Today (7 January) we commemorate St Théau (Till, Tillo, Tyllo, Tilloine, Tilman, Tillon, Thielman). Tillo was a Saxon sold into slavery. He was redeemed by St Eligius, who sent him to be educated at the Benedictine monastery of Selignac. He was ordained a priest (by Eligius?) and went as a missionary to Tournai (Belgium). He later became a hermit, but like many who attempted to draw near to God by drawing apart from the world in an eremitic life, he attracted followers and disciples.

Ton 8 Tropaire à saint Théau, Apôtre de Tournai, (Natalice en 702 A.D.)
Jeune Saxon païen, et vendu comme esclave,*
La Grâce te fit racheter par saint Eloi,*
Il te libéra, te baptisa, te fit prêtre,*
Et par lui, tu devins apôtre de Tournai,*
Puis solitaire tu attiras des disciples.*
Saint Théau, esclave du Christ, prie Dieu pour nous!

Troparion in the 8th tone to St Tillo, Apostle of Tournai (+702)
You were a young pagan Saxon, sold as a slave,
By the grace of God you were redeemed by St Eligius;
He freed you, baptised you, made you a priest,
And through him, you became an apostle to Tournai.
Then, as a solitary, you attracted disciples.
St Tillo, slave of Christ, pray to God for us!

troparion source: Acathistes et offices orthodoxes


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