Posted by: anna | January 23, 2012

St Sæthryth

Today (10 January) we commemorate St Saethrith (Sedrido, Sethrid, Sethrida), second abbess of Brie, later Faremoutiers. As half-sister of SS Etheldreda, Withburga, Ethelburga and Seaxburga, daughter of St Hereswitha and successor of St Fara, she was a member of the great houses – royal and monastic – that forged strong links across the Channel during the early Middle Ages.
Ton 1 Tropaire à sainte Séthride de Faremoutiers, higoumène, (Natalice en 660 A.D.)
Demi-sœur de sainte Etheldrède, tu devins*
Moniale au couvent sacré de Faremoutiers,*
Tu succédas à l’higoumène sainte Fare,*
Menant les brebis qui t’avaient été confiées*
Aux portes du Royaume éternel du Seigneur.*
Sainte Séthride, prie le Christ-Dieu pour nos âmes!
Troparion in Tone 1 to St Saethrith, abbess of Faremoutiers (+660)
Half-sister of St Etheldreda, you became
A nun at the holy convent of Faremoutiers.
You succeeded St Fara as abbess,
Leading the flock confided to your care
To the gates of the eternal Kingdom of the Lord.
Holy Saethrith, pray to Christ God for our souls!

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