Posted by: anna | January 24, 2012

St Hyginus, Pope

Today (11 January) we commemorate Pope St Hyginus, who is chiefly remembered for having had to deal with two notorious heretical preachers, Cerdo and Valentine, during his four years in office ca. 138-142 AD.


Ton 4 Tropaire à saint Hygin, Pape orthodoxe, martyr, (Natalice en 140 A.D.)
Natif de la ville d’Athènes dans l’Hellade,*
Tu y avais étudié la philosophie*
Patriarche dans la ville sainte de Rome,*
Tu as lutté contre l’hérésie des gnostiques.*
Et tu donnas ta vie en martyr pour le Christ.*
Saint Hygin, prie Dieu afin qu’Il sauve nos âmes!
-troparion from Acathistes et offices orthodoxes

Troparion in the 4th tone to St Hyginus, Orthodox Pope (+140)
Native of the city of Athens in Greece,
You studied philosophy there.
As patriarch in the holy city of Rome,
You battled against the gnostic heresy
And you gave your life [in martyrdom] for Christ.
St Hyginus, pray to God that He save our souls!


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