Posted by: anna | February 8, 2012

St Auxilius of Lérins

Today (26 January) we commemorate St Auxilius, monk of Lérins, bishop of Fréjus and martyr under Euric, Arian King of the Visigoths. As a young monk at the great monastery and cradle of bishops and saints Lérins, he was a contemporary of SS Lupus, later bishop of Troyes, and Maximus, later bishop of Riez. According to Sidonius Apollinaris, he practised great abstinence, equal to or even surpassing that of the desert fathers. He became bishop of Fréjus and was later martyred by the forces of Evaric, Arian king of the Visigoths.

summary Life in French, from which the above is more or less translated.

Troparion in the fourth tone to St Auxilius, bishop and martyr (+480)
In your youth you were a monk at Lérins,
And you had as companions there St Lupus  and Maximus.
You became bishop on the death of St Leontius
And you were assassinated by the Visigoths,
Giving to Fréjus a new intercessor.
St Auxilius, pray to the Lord to save us!

– troparion translated from a French original by Claude Lopez-Ginisty at Acathistes et offices orthodoxes


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