Posted by: anna | May 29, 2012

SS Peregrine and Fidolus, 16 May

It’s been a long time since I posted here. I hope this marks a return to regular if not frequent posting about the western saints. Today’s is a cheaty shortcut, translating M Lopez-Ginisty’s troparia for saints of the day, but I plan to return soon to compiling short articles with links about more of the early saints of these islands between La Manche and the Irish Sea…

Today (16 May) in the cobbled-together multiple calendars of early western saints, we commemorate SS Peregrine, bishop of Auxerre, and Fidolus, abbot.

Troparion in Tone 2 to St Peregrine , bishop of Auxerre (+ 304)

You were the first evangelist to Auxerre,
Bringing to that place the message of the Living God,
Which you defended against pagan cults
Even to the sacrifice of your own life.
Holy Peregrine, hierarch and confessor of Christ,
Pray to Him to grant salvation to our souls!

more about Peregrine (French) and a further article, also French


Troparion in Tone 3 to St Fidolus, abbot (+504)
Member of a wealthy family of Clermont,
Youw ere sent as a slave into the Champagne region,
Where Aventinus, disciple of the great St Lupus of Troyes ,
freed you and made you his successor.
O holy Fidolus, abbot of Montier-La-Celle,
Pray to the Lord to have great mercy on us!

More about St Fidolus/Fale/Phal:

Also commemorated on 16 May: St Brendan the Voyager

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