Posted by: anna | July 4, 2012

troparia for 21 June

Today (21 June) in the calendar of early western saints, we commemorate SS Alban of Mainz, Leutfridus (Leufroy), Meen and Palladius of Embrun. Here are my translations of French original troparia by Claude Lopez-Ginisty at Acathistes et offices orthodoxes.

Troparion in Tone 4 to St Alban of Mainz (+ ca.400)
Priest of Orthodox Greece,
Wishing to escape the Arian persecutions,
You went with St Ours to Naples; then Ambrose.
The saint of Milan, sent you into Germany
Where you suffered martyrdom at the hands of Vandals.
St Alban, entreat Christ to save our souls!

Acta Sanctorum


Troparion in Tone 5 to St Leutfridus (Leufroy), hermit (+ 738)
Brother of St Agofredus, you were the friend
Of St Ansbert, bishop of the city of Rouen.
You became a hermit and the disciple of St Sidonius (Saens)
Before founding a monastery at La Croix
On the pious advice of the holy archbishop Ansbert.
St Leutfridus, pray to the Lord to save our souls!

nice article in French about a Carolingian charter relating to the abbey 🙂

Acta Sanctorum


Troparion in Tone 6 to St Meen, abbot (+ 617)
You were born in Cambria, in the land of Wales;
With St Samson, you left for Armorica (Brittany),
In order to proclaim the Gospel to the pagan regions.
You became abbot of Saint-Jean-de-Gaël
And you gave the habit to St Judicael.
St Meen, pray to Christ to have mercy on us!

Acta Sanctorum


Troparion in Tone 7 to St Palladius, bishop of Embrun (+ 6th century)
Bishop of Embrun, you fought against the heresy
By which the Arians undermined the Church.
You followed King Sigismund into exile
And succeeded Bishop Catulin.
St Pelade, pray to the Lord to save us!

Acta Sanctorum

Hurra! some wonderful university has put a 19th century edition of the Acta Sanctorum on, so the lives/acts of all four of these saints are available here. In Latin, alas for those of us whose Latin is not great.

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