saints July – August

This list is taken from the monthly calendar published by yorkorthodox. For dates left blank by the yorkthodox calendar, you may wish to look at orthodoxengland‘s calendar of western European saints; as its remit is wider, its number of saints listed per day is commensurately higher: July, August.

1st July Holy Julius and Aaron, Protomartyrs of Wales (ca. 304). St. Servanus, Apostle of Western Fife (6th C). St. Lunaire, bishop. St. Cewydd of Anglesey (6th C). St. Juthware of Devon (7th C). St. Veep, patron saint of St Veep, Cornwall (6th C). Nuns Ingrid and Matilda of Sweden (13th c) Several troparia.

2nd July St. Eddogwy, bishop at Llandaff (ca. 615). St Monegund (7th c) Saint Swithun, bishop of Winchester (862).

3rd July St. Germanus, bishop of the Isle of Man and Enlightener of Peel, nephew of St. Patrick of Ireland (5th C). St. Byblig of Caernarvon (5th C). St. Gunthiern the Hermit (ca. 500). St. Bladus, bishop of the Isle of Man. St. Cillene, abbot of Iona (ca. 752). St. Guthagon of Ireland, hermit in Belgium (8th C).

5th July St. Morwenna, Patron of Morwenstow (6th C). St. Fragan and his wife St. Gwen (5th C). St. Modwenna of Burton, anchoress (7th C). St. Edana (Etaoin), anchoress of the Boyle and Shannon. St. Erfyl of Llanerfyl. SS. Probus and Grace of Tressilian. Several troparia.

6th July St. Sexburga, abbess of Ely (ca. 700). St. Monenna the “daughter of Elijah”, Virgin, foundress of Killeevy (517). Virgin-Martyr Noyala.

7th July St. Hedda, bishop of the West Saxons (705). St. Illtyd of Wales (505). St. Ethelburga (ca. 664). St. Willibald of Hampshire, bishop of Eichstatt (786). St. Maelruin of Tallaght (792). SS. Medran and Odran, disciples of St Kieran of Saghir (6th C). St. Palladius of Rome, missionary in Ireland and Scotland (5th C).

8th July Blessed King Edgar the Peaceable (975). St. Urith of Chittlehampton (6th C). St. Morwenna of Morwenstow, Cornwall (5th C). Hieromartyr Killian, Irish missionary bishop to the Franks, who suffered at Wurzburg (689). St. Withburga, anchoress at East Dereham (ca. 743). St. Grimbald, abbot of Winchester (901). St Sunniva of Bergen.

9th July St. Evereld (Avril), Virgin and abbess of Everingham (ca. 700).

10th July none listed at Yorkthodox. [St Amelberga (2), St. Praxedis (3), SS. Rufina (2) and Secunda, St. Susanna (12), St. Terentiana (l), St. Verona (2)]

11th July St. Drostan, abbot of Old Deer (610). St. Thurketyl, abbot of Crowland (975).

12th July none listed at Yorkthodox. [St. Clarissima, St. Epiphania ( 1), St. Haemorrhoissa (Veronica), St. Marciana (3), Nine Maidens] Several troparia.

13th July Hieromartyr Dogfan of Dyfed (6th C). St. Mildred, abbess of Minster in Thanet (c. 700). St Just of Cornwall. St Juthwara of Cornwall  (also 28 November) and her sister St Sidwell

14th July St. Deusdedit, 6th archbishop of Canterbury (664). St. Idus, bishop of Alt-Fadha in Leinster (5th C). St. Marcellinus, disciple of St. Willibrod (ca. 762).

15th July Saint Swithun, bishop of Winchester (862). St. Edith, abbess of Polesworth (ca. 925). St. Donald (Donegal), hermit in Ogilvy, and his nine daughters (8th C).

16th July St. Helier, missionary and Protomartyr of Jersey (560). Troparia for SS SS Domninus and Generosus.

17th July Child-Martyr Prince Kenelm of Mercia (ca. 821). St. Cynllo of Wales (5th C).

18th July St. Theneva of Glasgow, mother of St. Kentigern (Mungo) (6th C). SS. Edburgh of Bicester and Edith, virgins (ca. 650).

19th July Pope St Symmachus. [St. Aurea (8), St. Macrina (2), St. Rusina, St. Sambaria, St. (or B.) Stilla]

20th July St. Elswith, widow of King Alfred the Great (9th C). St Severa of Trier.

21st July [St. Praxedis (1) and Pudentiana, St. Thymagrate, St. Vastrade] Troparia only (so far) for SS Victor of Marseille and Arbogast of Strasbourg.

22nd July St. Dabius, Irish missionary. St. Movean, disciple of St Patrick. Troparia only (so far) for SS Balderic, Pancras of Besancon and Wandregesil.

23rd July none listed [St. Primitiva (2, 3), SS.Romula, Redempta and Hirundo or HERUNDINES.]

24th July St. Declan, bishop of Ardmore (5th C). Virgin-martyr Lewina of Seaford (5th C). St. Menefrida, patron-saint of Tredresick, Cornwall (5th C). Holy Martyrs Wulfhad and Ruffin of Mercia, (7th C). Troparia only (so far) for SS Salvian of Marseille, Segolena of Troclar, Ursinus of Sens and Wulfhad.

25th July St. Nessan, abbot of Mungret (551). St Glossinda of Metz.

26th July none listed [St. Anna (3), SS. Landaia and Mutiana, B. Seve or SAEVA]

27th July none listed [St. Anthusa (4), St. Crispinilla, St. Jucunda (2, 3), St. Natalia (3), St. Pumice or PUMEIA, St. Sophia (9)]

28th July St. Samson, bishop of Dol in Brittany (ca. 565). St. Arduinus the pilgrim, patron saint of Trepino (7th C). St Botvid of Sweden.

29th July St Silin, abbot of Luxulyan in Cornwall (6th C). St. Cillian, abbot of Inishcaltra (7th C) (Under the Oak). [St Olaf, Enlightener of Norway]

30th July St. Tatwine, 9th archbishop of Canterbury (734). St. Ermengyth of Thanet, virgin (ca. 680).

31st July St. Neot, hermit in Cornwall (ca. 877). [St Germanus of Auxerre] St Elin of Skövde (12th C).
1st August St. Rioch, abbot of Innisboffin (480). Holy Martyr Almedha of Breon (6th C). St. Kenneth the hermit (6th C). St Ethelwold, bishop of Winchester (984).

2nd August St. Etheldritha of Crowland, virgin (ca. 835). St. Sidwell, Virgin-Martyr (6th C). St. Plegmund, 19th archbishop of Canterbury (914).

3rd August St. Trea the Recluse of Ardtrea (5th C). St. Senach, disciple of St Finian (6thC)

4th August St. Sezni of Sithney in Cornwall (ca. 529). St. Lugid, abbot and disciple of St Comgall (609).

5th August St. Oswald, King of Northumbria and Martyr (642). St. Gormcal, abbot of Ardoilen (1016).

6th August St. Hardulph, hermit of Breedon in Leicestershire (7th C).

7th August St. Donat of Llandunwyd, Glamorgan.

8th August St. Ultan, abbot of Crayke (7th C). St. Illog of Hirnant in Powys (7th C).

9th August St. Phelim, bishop of Kilmore (6th C). St. Nathy (David), disciple of St Finian of Clonard (ca. 610).

10th August St. Gerontius (Geraint) of Gerrans, Cornwall & Magor, Gwent (6th C). St. Blane, bishop of Bute (6th C). St. Bettelin (Bertram) of Stafford (8th C).

11th August St. Attracta (Athracht) the Healer (6th C). St. Lelia of Limerick and Kerry.

12th August St. Murtagh, 1st bishop of Killala and founder of Innismurray (6th C). St. Seigine, abbot of Iona (652). St. Molaise of Devenish (563). St. Janbert, 13th archbishop of Canterbury (792). St. Merewenna of Marhamchurch. St. Ust, hermit of Cornwall.

13th August St. Wigbert, abbot of Hersfeld and disciple of St. Boniface (c. 738). [St Radegund of Poitiers, St Concordia of Rome, St Helen of Burgos]

14th August St. Fachanan, abbot of Ross Carbery (ca. 600). St. Werenfrid, disciple of St. Willibrord among the Frisians (ca. 760).

15th August The Dormition of the Most Holy Lady Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary.

16th August St. Armagillus, cousin of St. Samson (c. 550).

17th August St James the deacon of York (7th C). St. Drithelm of Melrose (ca. 700). Holy Martyr Hiero (885).

18th August St. Daig Maccairill, bishop of Iniskin (6th C). St. Evan (Inan), hermit in Ayrshire (9th C).

19th August St. Clydog, king and martyr (492). St. Mochta, 1st bishop of Louth, Ireland (534). St. Credan, abbot of Evesham (ca. 780).

20th August St. Oswin, king and martyr (651). St. Edbert of York, monk (768).

21st August none listed. Post on Hardulph of Breedon.

22nd August St Sigfrid, abbot of Wearmouth (ca. 688). St. Ethelgitha of Northumbria, abbess (ca. 720). St. Arnulf of Cambridgeshire (9th C).

23rd August Holy Martyr Ebba the Younger, abbess of Coldingham, and her companions (870). St. Tydfil, Martyr (480). St. Eogan, 1st bishop of Ardstraw (618).

24th August St. Yrchard of Scotland, missionary (5th C).

25th August Translation of the relics of St. Hilda of Whitby (680). St. Ebba the Elder.

26th August St. Ninian of Whithorn (432). St. Pandwyna of Eltisley, virgin (c. 904). St. Bregwin, 12th archbishop of Canterbury (764).

27th August St. Decuman, hermit and martyr (706). St. Malrubius of Merns, Kincardineshire, hermit and martyr (ca. 1040).

28th August St. Rumwold (ca. 650).

29th August St. Sebbi, King of the East Saxons and monk (ca. 694). St. Edwold of Cerne, hermit (9th C).

30th August St. Loarn, bishop of Downpatrick (5th C). St. Fiacre of Brogillum (670). St. Rumon of Romansleigh, Devon (6th C).

31st August St Eanswythe, abbess of Folkestone (ca. 640). St. Aidan, bishop of Lindisfarne (to be completed)) (651). SS. Cuthburgh (ca. 725) and Cwenburgh (ca. 735), abbesses of Wimborne.

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