saints May – June

This list is taken from the monthly calendar published by yorkorthodox. For dates left blank by the yorkthodox calendar, you may wish to look at orthodoxengland‘s calendar of western European saints; as its remit is wider, its number of saints listed per day is commensurately higher: May, June.
1st May. St. Brioc (510). St. Asaph, bishop of Llanelwy (7th C). St. Ceallach, bishop of Killala (6th C). [St Bertha (2), St Burian, St Florina, St Isidora (2), St Lateerin, SS Mariamna & Philippa, St Maud Queen of England, St Salome, St Taureta, St Walburga]
2nd May. St. Neachtain (5th C). Hieromartyr Germanus (460). St. Gluvias, brother of St. Cadoc (6th C). St. Ultan, missionary in East Anglia (686).  [St Avina, St Avoie, SS Elenara & Sponsaria, St Flaminia, St Hedwig (1), St Helpidia, St Privata, St Rachild, St Transilla, St Wiborada, St Zoe (1)]

3rd May. St. Conleth the bishop (519). St. Scannal, missionary (563). St. Aldwyn, abbot of Partney (8th C). [St Maura, St Rufina (8), St Severina, St Viola (2)]

4th May. (troparion only) St. Ethelred (Ailred), King of Mercia and monk (716). St. Conleth, Spiritual Father to St. Bridget of Kildare (ca. 519). [St Anna (8) mother of St Cyriacus, St Antonia (2), St Herswind, St Monica (1), St Pelagia (7)] St Florian of Lorsch (+304), St Anthony of Tours (6th c).

5th May. St. Hydroc of Cornwall (5th C). St. Echa of Crayke, hermit (767).  [St Crescentiana, St Felicissima (2), St Idaberg, St Irene (7), SS Teuteria & Tusca, St Texelina, St Waldrada] St Maurant (+350), St Hilarius of Arles.

6th May. St Edbert, bishop of Lindisfarne (698). [St Fortuna (1), St Hieremia (1), St Judith (2), St Magna, St Masilla, St Valentina, St Victoriana, St Virtunia]

7th May. St John of Beverley, bishop of York (721). St. Liudhard of Canterbury, bishop (ca. 603).  SS Serenicus and Serenus (7th c). [St Abba or Alla, St Antonina (4), St Avida, St Castula (5), St Catula (2), St Celedonia, St Dextra, St Domicilla of Flavia Domitilla the Younger, SS Donata, St Ercola, St Euphrosyne (1), St Euticia (2), St Ezeleis, St Faustina (7), St Felicia (4), St Lucella (2), SS Marcella, St Mastidia, St Meme, St Navida, St Odemaris, St Peculcaris, St Porentella, St Quinta (2), St Sapida, St Secundiana, St Septima, St Theodora (2)]

8th May. St Gibrian the Hermit (515). St. Odrian, bishop of Waterford (5th C). St. Macarius of Ghent, archbishop (1012) (Neth.). St. Iduberga, foundress of Nijvel (652) (Neth.). Commemoration of the healing of blinded Stephen by the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Cassiopia. Hiermartyrs Indract and Comp, at Shapwick. St. Wiro, bishop of Utrecht. St. Odger, hierodeacon, of Odilienberg.

9th May. St. Gorfor, patron of Llanover. St. Sanctan, bishop of Kill-da-Les and Kill-na-Sanctan (6th C).

10th May. St Comgall, abbot of Bangor, “Father of Monks” (ca. 601). St. Conleth, monk and hermit (520). St. Cathal, bishop of Taranto (7th C). St. Wiro, Irish missionary bishop to the Netherlands, in Limberg (710).

St. Cathan of Bute (6th c.) . St. Asaph, bishop of Llanelwy, Wales (6th c.)  St. Mayeul, abbot of Cluny (994)

11th May. Holy Martyr Fremund of Offchurch (866). St. Tudy, Breton missionary to Cornwall (5th C).

12th May. St Æthelheard, 14th archbishop of Canterbury (805). St. Dioma the Teacher (5th C).

13th May. St Mael, the Hermit of Bardsey (6th C). St Agnes of Poitiers. St Glyceria of Heraclea.

14th May. St. Dyfan, martyr in Wales (2nd C). St. Carthage (Carthach Mochuda) the Younger, abbot of Rathin and Lismore (639).

15th May. St. Dymphna, martyr of Gheel, near Antwerp (7th C). St. Colman MacValaighse, abbot of Oughaval (6th C). St. Bercthun, abbot of Beverley (733).

16th May. St. Brendan the Voyager, abbot of Clonfert (ca. 575). St. Carantoc the Wonderworker (430). St. Carantoc, abbot of Llangranog (6th C).

17th May. St. Madern, hermit in Cornwall (545). St. Cathan, bishop of Bute (6th C). St. Mailduf, abbot of Malmesbury (673). St. Melangell, Virgin-hermitess of Wales (6th C).

18th May. St. Elgiva, mother of St. Edgar and abbess of Shaftesbury (944). St. Feredarius, abbot of Iona (ca. 863). St. Merililaun (Merolilaun, Merolitain) Martyr, 8th c,

19th May. St. Dunstan, 25th archbishop of Canterbury (988).

20th May. St. Ethelbert, King of East Anglia and Martyr (ca. 793).

21st May. St Barrfoin the Missionary (6th C).

22nd May. St. Conall, abbot of Inniscoel (7th C).

23rd May. St. Goban Gobhnena, abbot (6th C).

24th May. none listed

25th May. St Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborne (709). St. Dunchadh, abbot of Iona (717).

26th May. St. Augustine of Canterbury, Evangelizer of England (ca. 605). St. Oduvald, abbot of Melrose (698). St. Dyfan of Merthyr Dyfan (2nd C.) SS. Damian and Fugatius, missionaries to Britain (2nd C). St. Becan, hermit near Cork (6th C).

27th May. St. Bede the Venerable (735).

28th May. none listed.

29th May. none listed

30th May. St. Walstan of Bawburgh, confessor (1016).

31st May. SS. Winnow, Mancus and Myrbad, missionaries in Cornwall (6th C).

1st June St. Ronan. Holy martyr Wistan of Evesham (850). Holy martyr Wite (Candida) of Dorset.

2nd June St. Odo the Good, 22nd archbishop of Canterbury (959). St. Adalgis (ca. 686). St. Bodfan (7th C).

3rd June St. Kevin, abbot of Glendalough (618). St. Glunshallaich (7th C). St. Cronan (617).

4th June St. Nennoc of Brecknock (467). St. Petroc, abbot of Padstow (6th C). St. Breaca of Hayle (6th C). St. Berriona the Recluse (6th C). SS. Croidan, Medan and Degan, companions of St. Petroc. St. Gonand, Missionary. St. Cronan the Tanner (617). St. Edfrith, bishop of Lindisfarne (721).

5th June Hieromartyr Boniface (Wynfrith) of Crediton, Apostle of Germany (754). SS. Waccar, Gundekar, Elleher, Hathawulf and Companions, monks martyred with St Boniface. Holy Martyr Eoban, companion of SS. Willibrord and Boniface (754). St. Tudno (6th C).

6th June St. Eigrad of Anglesey (6th C). St. Cocca. St. Gudwall (6th C). St. Jarlath, bishop of Tuam (ca. 550).

7th June St. Colman, bishop of Dromore (6th C). St. Meriadoc the Wonderworker, archbishop (7th C).

8th June St. Bron, bishop of Cassel-Irra (ca. 511). St. Levan (6th C). St. Muirchu (7th C). Troparion for St. Syra (7th C). Troparia for SS Medardus, Chlodulf, Heraclius.

9th June St. Columba (Columcille) of Iona, Enlightener of Scotland (597). St. Baithene of Tiree (600).

10th June St. Illadan, bishop of Rathlihen (6th C). St Ithamar, 1st English bishop of Rochester (ca. 656).

11th June St. Blitharius (7th C). St. Herebald (8th C). St. Tochumra of Kilmore.

12th June St. Ternan, missionary abbot & bishop of Culross (5th C).

13th June All Saints of Great Britain and Ireland. St. Damhnade of Cavan.

14th June St. Dogmael (5th C). St. Nennus, abbot of Arran (7th C). St. Ciaran, abbot of Bellach-Duin (870).

15th June St. Trillo of Gwynedd, companion of St. Cadfan (5th C). St. Vouga the Hermit (6th C). St. Edburga of Winchester (960).

16th June St. Cettin, bishop (5th C). St. Colman McRoi, abbot of Reachrain (5th C). St. Curig, bishop of Llanbadarn (6th C). St. Ismael, disciple of St Teilo (6th C).

17th June St. Nectan of Hartland, martyr (6th C). St. Botolph, abbot and confessor, of Boston, and his brother St. Adolph (680). St. Molling, abbot of Aghacainid (697). St. Briavel, hermit (6th C).

18th June none listed [St Osanna]

19th June none listed

20th June St John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco. St. Govan of Dyfed (6th C). St Edburgh of Castor, Virgin (7th C). [Martyrs Inna, Pinna and Rimma]

21st June St. Mewan (617). St. Corbmac, abbot of Durrow (590). St. Engelmund, abbot and missionary (ca. 739). Troparia only (so far) for St Alban of Mainz, St Leutfridus (Leufroy), St Meen and St Palladius of Embrun.

22nd June St. Alban, Protomartyr of Britain (ca. 303). St. Aaron the Hermit (ca. 552).

23rd June St. Etheldreda (Audrey), foundress of Ely Abbey, Virgin (679). St. Mochaoi, abbot of Nendrum (498).

24th June NATIVITY OF THE HOLY GLORIOUS PROPHET,FORERUNNER AND BAPTIST JOHN, Synaxis of the Righteous Zachariah and Elizabeth. St. Germoc of Cornwall (6th C). Nun Raingard of Marsigny (12th c).

25th June Apodosis (Leavetaking) of the Forerunner. St. Selevan, Hermit (6th C). St. Moluag, Missionary (592). St. Adalbert of Egmond, archdeacon and missionary (ca. 750). Holy Martyr Cyneburgh of Gloucester.

26th June Translation of the relics of St. Brannock of Braunton.

27th June none given [St Angadresima, St Bertilla]

28th June St Austell of Cornwall (6th C). St. Crummine, bishop of Lackan (5th C). [B. Benedicta, Queen Hemma.]

29th June THE HOLY GLORIOUS AND ALL-PRAISED LEADERS OF THE APOSTLES, PETER AND PAUL (67). St. Æthelwine (Elwin), bishop of Lindsey (8th C). St. Cocha, abbess of Ross-Benchuir (6th C).

30th June St. Eurgain, foundress of Cor-Eurgain in Wales, later called Llantwit (6th C). St Erentrude of Salzburg, 7th c.

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