saints September – October

This list is taken from the monthly calendar published by yorkorthodox. For dates left blank by the yorkthodox calendar, you may wish to look at orthodoxengland‘s calendar of western European saints; as its remit is wider, its number of saints listed per day is commensurately higher: September, October.1st September St. Lythan (Llythaothaw). St. Silin (6th C).

2nd September St Hieu, abbess of Tadcaster (657). St. Lolanus (c. 1034).
3rd September St. MacNis, abbot of Kells (c. 514). St. Hereswith, sister of St. Hilda (c. 690).
4th September St. Monessa, disciple of St. Patrick (456). St. Ultan of Ardbraccan (657). St. Rhuddlad of Llanrhyddlad (7th C).
5th September none given on yorkthodox
6th September St Bega, first abbess of Copeland in Cumbria (7th C). St MacCallin, bishop of Lusk (497). SS. Felix and Augebert, the English slaves ransomed by St. Gregory (7th C). St. Magnus, disciple of St. Columbanus and Abbot of Füssen (c. 665).
7th September SS. Alcmund (781) and Tilbert (789), bishops of Hexham. St Balin, monk (7th C).
8th September St Cynfarch, missionary (5th C). King Ina of Wessex and Queen Ethelburga (8th C). St Ethelburgh, abbess of Lyminge (647).
9th September St Ciaran the Younger of Clonmacnois (c. 545). St Bettelin of Crowland, hermit (8th C). St. Wulfhild, abbess of Barking and Horton (c. 1000).
10th September St Finian of Ulster, abbot (579). St Frithestan, bishop of Winchester (932).
14th September St. Cormac, 1st bishop of Cashel (908).
15th September St. Hernan, hermit (6th C). St. Merryn, bishop of Bangor (620).
16th September St. Ninian, bishop of Whithorn (Candida Casa) (c. 432). St. Edith of Wilton (984). Translation of the Relics (1986) [3rd Sep O.C.] of St. Edward the Martyr, King of England (978).
17th September SS. Socrates and Stephen, martyred in Monmouthshire (304).
18th September none given at yorkthodox. St Richardis of Swabia.
20th September none given at yorkthodox
21st September St Mabyn, virgin (5th C).
22nd September Troparia only (so far) for St Silvanus of Levroux, St Emmeram of Regensburg, St Florent of Bavaria, St Salaberga of Laon, St Landelin of Scotland, St Lintrudis or Lutrude, and St Maurice of Agaune.
23rd September St. Adomnan, abbot of Iona and biographer of St. Columba (704). St Cissa of Crowland, hermit (8th C).
24th September none given at yorkthodox
25th September St. Finbar, bishop of Cork (c. 633). St. Ceolfrid, abbot of Wearmouth (716). St. Caian of Anglesey (5th C). Holy Martyr Egelred of Crowland (870). St. Fymbert, bishop in the west of Scotland (7th C).
26th September St. Mawgan, abbot-bishop of Bardsey. St. Colman Elo, abbot of Muckamore (611).
27th September St Barrog, Hermit of Barry (6th C). Holy Martyr Sigebert, King of the East Angles (635).
28th September St Conval, disciple of St. Kentigern (630). St Tetta, abbess of Wimborne (8th C). St Lioba, abbess and missionary (782). St. Machan, monk.
29th September none given at yorkthodox. St Hripsime, patron of Armenia.
30th September St. Honorius, 5th archbishop of Canterbury (653). St. Midan of Anglesey (610). St. Enghenedl of Anglesey (7th C). SS. Tancred, Torthred and Tova, hermits and martyrs (870).
1st October St. Fidharleus of Rathin (762). St. Melorius of Cornwall. St Bavo. St Romanos the Melodist.
2nd October St. Anna of Kashin (1338). St. Leger (Leodegarius), bishop of Autun (677).
4th October none given at yorkthodox. St Vladimir Yaroslavich. St Aurea.
5th October none given at yorkthodox. St Galla.
6th October St. Lalluwy of Menheniot, virgin (6th C). St. Ceollach, bishop of the Mercians (7th C). St. Cumine the White, abbot of Iona (669).
7th October Holy Martyr Cynog (492). St. Dubtach, bishop of Armagh (513). Holy Martyr Princess Osyth of Chich (ca. 700).
8th October St. Keyne, virgin-recluse. St. Iwi of Lindisfarne, hermit (ca. 690). St. Triduna of Restalrig (4th C). Troparia only (so far) for SS Caletricus, Evodius, Gratian, Melaria, Porcaria and Palladia and their companions, Triduana and Reparata.
9th October none given at yorkthodox. [St Denis of Paris, St Publia of Antioch]
10th October St. Paulinus, archbishop of York (644). St. Patrician, bishop of Man (5th C).
11th October St. Ethelburga, abbess of Barking (c. 676). St. Kenneth (Cainnech), abbot of Aghaboe (7th C).
12th October St. Fiacre, disciple of St. Patrick (5th C). St. Mobhi of Glasnevin (544). St. Edwin, King and Martyr (633). St. Wilfrid, archbishop of York (709). Troparia only (so far) for SS Exuperia, Edwin king of Northumbria, Gerinus of Tarbes, Maximilian of Lorch and Herlind and Relind, abbesses of Maseych.
14th October St. Burchard, 1st bishop of Wurzburg, English missionary to Germany (754). St. Manakus, abbot of Holyhead (6th C). St Manacca, abbess of Minster in Cornwall. [SS Nazarius, Gervais, Protais and Celsus.] Troparia only (so far) for SS Enora, Justus of Lyon, Manna, Angadrisma, Burchard of Wurzburg, Celestius of Metz and Donatian of Lyon
16th October St. Gall, hermit and missionary at Bangor and Luxeuil, Enlightener of Switzerland (646). St. Lull of Malmesbury, missionary in Germany (787). Troparia only (so far) for SS Magnobod, Ambrose of Cahors and Mummolin.
17th October SS. Ethelred (Ailred) and Ethelbert, Princes of Kent (c. 640). St. Regulus (Rule), who brought the relics of St. Andrew to Scotland (4th C). St. Colman, abbot-bishop of Kilroot (5th C). St. Louthiern, bishop (6th C). St. Nothelm, 10th archbishop of Canterbury (739). Troparia only (so far) for SS Soline, Louthiern, Dulcide, Berecharius and Anstrudis.
18th October St. Gwen, sister of St. Nonna (5th C). St. Wenna, martyred at Talgarth (492). SS. Brothen and Gwendolen of Wales (6th C). St. Monon, hermit and martyr (645).
19th October St. Frideswide, abbess of Oxford (ca. 735). St. Ethbin the Recluse (600). Hieromartyr Ednoth, bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames (1016).
20th October St. Acca, bishop of Hexham (ca. 740). St. Aidan, bishop of Mayo (768). SS. Bradan and Orora of Man.
21st October St. Fintan, abbot-founder of Taghmon (635). St. Condedus, hermit (685). St. Tuda, bishop of Northumbria (664). St. Malathgeny of Cluain-Edneach (767).
24th October St. Maelor of Sark (586).
26th October St. Alfred the Great, King of Wessex and all Orthodox England (899). St. Albinus, bishop and missionary (550). SS. Aneurin (or Gildas) and Gwinoc, monks (6th C). St. Cedd, Apostle of Essex (664). St. Eata, bishop of Hexham and abbot of Lindisfarne (686). St. Edfrid, abbot of Leominster (675). St. Cuthbert, 12th archbishop of Canterbury (761). St. Bean, bishop of Mortlach (ca. 1012). Troparia only (so far) for SS Cedd, Demetrius of Gap, Aptonius of Angouleme and Rusticus of Narbonne
27th October St. Otteran of Iona, bishop of Meath (563). St. Abban of Wexford (6th C). St. Colman, abbot of Senboth-Fola (632). [St Ia of Cornwall – also 3 Feb]
28th October St. Dorbhene, abbot of Iona (713). St. Eadsige, 32nd archbishop of Canterbury (1050).
29th October St. Kennara, hermitess of Kirk Kinner, Galloway (5th C). St. Colman, abbot-founder of Kilmacduagh (632). Troparia only for SS Chef (Theudère), Ermelinde of Brabant, Dodo and Colman of Kilmacduagh.
30th October St. Ethelnoth the Good, 31st archbishop of Canterbury (1038). Virgin-martyr Arilda of Gloucestershire. St. Talarican, Pictish bishop (6th C).
31st October St. Erth (Herygh), brother of St. Euny (514). St. Begu, nun of Hackness (660). St. Foillan, missionary monk in East Anglia (655).

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