Posted by: anna | January 31, 2010

St. Wilfrid (Ulfrid), missionary and martyr in Sweden (1028).

Today (18 January) we commemorate St. Wilfrid (Ulfrid), missionary and martyr in Sweden (1028). One would think that there would be more available about an enlightener of Sweden, but the most voluminous account I could find is from Stanton:

THE EIGHTEENTH DAY. In Sweden, the passion of ST. ULFRID, Martyr, who was an Englishman by birth, and went to preach to the pagans of that country. St. Ulfrid,M., ULFRID, also called Wulfrid, was an Englishman, who, in obedience to a divine inspiration, quitted his native land, to preach the Gospel to the pagans of Sweden. His mission was attended with ample success, and many converts were made to the Faith. In his zeal for the destruction of the kingdom of Satan, in the presence of a multitude of people, he attacked the idol of Thor, and hewed it to pieces with an axe. Upon this, the furious idolaters immediately rushed upon the servant of God, and cruelly put him to death on the spot. They also treated his venerable remains with many insults, and cast them into a marsh, thus leaving them, until in better times Ulfrid was venerated as a Martyr of Christ. The commemoration in the old calendars is on the 18th of January.

Holy St Ulfrid, pray to God for us.

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