saints November – December

This list is taken from the monthly calendar published by yorkorthodox. For dates left blank by the yorkthodox calendar, you may wish to look at orthodoxengland‘s calendar of western European saints; as its remit is wider, its number of saints listed per day is commensurately higher: November, December.


1st November St. Pabiali, son of King Brychan of Brecknock (6th C). St. Ceitho of Cardiganshire (6th C). St. Cledwyn of Breconshire (5th C). St. Cadfan, founder of monasteries (6th C). St. Caillin (7th C). St. Dingad (5th C).

2nd November St. Erc, bishop of Slane (512). SS. Baya & Maura, anchoresses in Scotland (10th C).
3rd November St. Winifred of Treffynon [Holywell] (7th C). St. Elerius, abbot (6th C). St. Clodock, hermit (6th C). St. Wulgan of Canterbury, confessor (8th C). St. Romwold of Northumbria, confessor (7th C). St. Cristiolus (7th C) brother of St. Sulian and founder of churches. St. Englatius of Tarves, Aberdeenshire (966).
5th November St. Cybi, abbot in Cornwall and Wales (550). St. Kanten, founder of Lianganten, Powys (8th C). St. Kea, bishop in Devon (6th C).
6th November St. Mellion (6th C). St. Edwen (7th C). St. Efflam (c. 700). St. Winoc (717). All Saints of Ireland. St. Cowey of Portaferry, abbot of Moville (8th C).
7th November St. Illtyd, abbot of Llanilltyd Fawr (6th C). St. Congar, missionary (6th C). St. Willibrord of Northumbria, archbishop of Utrecht, Apostle of Frisia (739).
8th November St. Tyssilio, abbot of Meifod (640). St. Willehad, bishop and Missionary (789). St. Moroc, bishop of Dunblane (9th C). St. Gervadius of Elgin (10th C).
9th November St. Benignus the Psalmsinger (ca. 466). St. Pabo, abbot of Llanbabon (ca. 510).
10th November St Justus, 4th archbishop of Canterbury (627). St. Aedh MacBrice, bishop of Killare (588). St. Eleath the Poet (6th C).
11th November St. Cynfran of Caernarvonshire (5th C). St. Berhtwine (ca. 698). St. Rhediw of Llanllyfni.
12th November St. Machar, bishop of Aberdeen (6th C). St. Sinnell of Cleenish (6th C). St Cadwaladr, King of the Welsh (664). St. Cummian Fada, founder of the monastery of Kilcummin (662). St. Liafwine of Deventer, missionary (ca. 773). Monk-martyr Ymar of Reculver (ca. 830).
13th November none given at yorkthodox
14th November St. Dyfrig, bishop in Hereford and Gwent, hermit of Bardsey Island (545). St. Malo of Brittany (621). St. Modanic, bishop of Aberdeen (8th C).
15th November St. Machell, founder of the monastery of Llanfechell (7th C). St. Fintan, monk and hermit (879).
16th November St. Afan of Llanafan in Powys (6th C). St. Gobrain, bishop and hermit (725). St. Aelfric, 28th archbishop of Canterbury (1005).
18th November St. Mawes, bishop in Cornwall and Brittany (5th C). St. Constant, priest-hermit at Lough Erne (777). St. Keverne, friend of St Kieran (6th C). [St Mabyn, nun of Cornwall.]
19th November St. Egbert, archbishop of York (766). St. Ermenburgh, abbess of Thanet (ca. 700). St. Medana of Galloway (8th C)
21st November St. Digain (5th C).
22nd November St. Deiniol the Younger, abbot of Bangor (621). St Pragmatius, bishop of Autun.
24th November St. Kenan, bishop of Darnleag (500). Troparia only: SS Marin, Portianus, Colman of Cloyne, Eanfleda Queen of Northumbria, and Bieuzy.
25th November Great Martyr Catherine, the all-wise, of Alexandria (305). Holy Martyrs Augusta Faustina the Empress, Porphyrius, and 200 soldiers at Alexandria with Great-martyr Catherine (305). Holy Martyr Bieuzy, disciple of St. Gildas (7th C). St. Colman, 1st bishop of Cloyne (ca. 600). St. Alnoth of Stowe, hermit and martyr (ca. 700). St. Eanfleda, abbess of Whitby (ca. 700).
26th November St Magnentia (+448)
27th November St. Fergal, bishop of Salzburg (784). St. Seachnall, bishop of Dunsaughlin (457). St. Congar, abbot of Congresbury (6th C).
28th November St. Brendan of Birr (573). St. Sadwen (5th C). St. Egelwine (Aylwine) of Athelney, monk (7th C). [St Oda of Brabant]
30th November St. Tudwal, bishop in Wales and Brittany (6th C).
1st December St. Grwst of Llanrwst (7th C). [St Botolph of Boston, see also 17 June]
2nd December none given at yorkthodox
3rd December St Birinus, bishop of Dorchester and Apostle of Wessex (650). St Lucius of Britain (ca. 200). St. Ethernan (7th C). St. Suolo, disciple of St. Boniface (794).
4th December none given at yorkthodox
5th December St Cawrdaf, monk and disciple of St Illtyd (5th C). St Justinian, hermit of Ramsey (560).
6th December SS. Auxilius, Isserninus and Secundinus, workers with St. Patrick (5th C). Troparia only: Adela of Pfalzel and Irmina of Horren; Delphinus, bishop of Bordeaux.
7th December St Buithe, missionary (521). St Diuma, bishop and missionary (658).
8th December St. Gunthild of Wimborne (748).
9th December St. Budoc (7th C). St. Ethelgifu, abbess of Shaftesbury (896). St. Wolfeius, hermit of St. Benet Hulme, Norfolk (1000).
10th December none given at yorkthodox
11th December St. Cian the Hermit (6th C). St. Peris of Llanberis (6th C).
12th December St. Finnian, bishop of Clonard and founder of Skellig Michael (ca. 549). St. Colman of Glendalough (659). St. Columba of Leinster (548). St. Cormac, abbot (6th C). St. Agatha of Wimborne (790).
13th December St Edburgh of Lyminge, virgin (7th C). St Edburgh, abbess of Minster-in-Thanet (751). Troparia only: SS Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse and Odile, abbess of Hohenburg.
14th December St Hygbald, abbot of Hibaldstow (7th C). Troparia only (so far) SS Venantius Fortunatus, Nicasius of Rheims and SS. Fingar and Phiala, and 770 other martyr companions (5th C) .
15th December St. Offa, King of Essex, monk (ca. 709). St. Florentius [Flann], abbot of Bangor (7th C).
16th December St. Beoc of Lough Derg (5th C). St Judicael, king in Brittany.
17th December St. Tydecho (6th C). St. Briach, disciple of St Tudwal (6th C). St Sturm of Fulda.
18th December St Winebald, abbot and missionary in England and Heidenheim (761). St. Samthan, foundress of Clonbroney Convent (6th C). St. Flannan, 1st bishop of Killaloe (7th C).
19th December St. Manirus, bishop and Apostle of the north of Scotland.
20th December St. Urscinus, disciple of St. Columbanus and abbot of St. Ursanne (625).
21st December St. Beornwald of Bampton (8th C)
22nd December St Anastasia of Rome (+304).
23rd December St. Frithebert, bishop of Hexham (766). St. Mazota of Abernethy (8th C).
24th December St. Caran, missionary (7th C). Adela of Pfalzel (+ c.730)
25th December St Alburgh of Wilton, nun (810).
26th December St. Tathai of Glamorgan (6th C). St. Maethlu of Anglesey (6th C).
27th December none given at yorkthodox
28th December none given at yorkthodox
29th December none given at yorkthodox
31st December St Columba of Sens (+273).

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