saints March – April

This list is based on the monthly calendar published by yorkorthodox. For dates left blank by the yorkthodox calendar, you may wish to look at orthodoxengland‘s calendar of western European saints; as its remit is wider, its number of saints listed per day is commensurately higher: March, April.
Saints in [square brackets] may not be included in Orthodox menologies, but as far as I know there isn’t a definitive one anyway, and I’m interested in collecting more female pre-schism saints. They are drawn from Miss Dunbar’s work.

1st March St. David of Wales (6th C). St. Marnock of Kilmarnock (625). St. Swithbert the Elder of Northumbria, bishop of the Frisians (713). Holy Martyr Monan of St. Andrew’s (874).

2nd March St. Gistilian, uncle of St. David (6th C). St. Fergna, abbot of Iona (637). St. Chad, bishop of Lichfield (672). St. Cynibild, brother of SS. Chadd and Cedd (7th C). St. Slebhene, abbot of Iona (767).

3rd March St. Non, mother of St David of Wales (6th C). St. Winwaloe, abbot (6th C). St Foila of Kilfaile (6th C). St. Sacer, abbot of Saggard, Dublin (7th C). St. Cele-Christ, hermit and bishop (ca. 728). St. Lamalisse, hermit of Arran (7th C).

4th March St. Owen of Lichfield, hermit (ca. 670). St. Owin, bishop of Mercia (ca. 680). Hieromartyr Adrian and Companions, bishop of the Isle of May, Scotland (ca. 875).

5th March St. Ladoca of Cornwall, virgin and missionary (5th C). St. Ciaran of Saighir (ca. 530). St. Caron of Tregaron. St. Carthage the Elder, bishop of Ossory (ca. 540). St. Piran, hermit of Cornwall (ca. 480). St. Colman of Armagh (5th C).

6th March  St. Sithney, missionary abbot (529). SS. Cyneburgh and Cyneswith, abbesses of Castor, and St. Tibba (ca. 680). St. Billfrith, the Goldsmith, hermit (8th C). St. Baldred, hermit at Tyningham (756). St. Fridolin of Ireland, Enlightener of the Upper Rhine (538). St. Cadroe, monk and bishop (976).

7th March St. Enadoc (ca. 520). St. Deifer, founder abbot of Bodfari (6th C). St. Eosterwine, abbot of Wearmouth (686).

8th March  St. Felix of Burgundy, bishop of Dunwich and Enlightener of East Anglia (ca. 648). St. Senan, abbot of Scattery (544). St. Beoadh, bishop of Ardcane (ca. 518).

9th March St. Bosa, bishop of York (705). St. Sanctan, bishop (5th C). St. Constantine, Hieromartyr & King of Cornwall (576).

10th March St. Kessog the Wonderworker (560). St. Emilian of Ireland, abbot of Lagny (675). St. Failbhe the Little, Abbot of Iona (754). St. Sedna, Bishop of Ossory (ca. 570). St. Silvester, companion of St Palladius (ca. 420).

11th March St. Oengus (Angus) the Culdee, compiler of the first Irish Martyrology (824).

12th March St. Paul Aurelian of Wales, bishop of Ouismor (575). St. Alphege the Elder, bishop of Winchester (951). St. Mura McFerednach of Donegal (645).

13th March St. Mochoemo, abbot (656). St. Kevoca of Kyle (7th C). St Gerald of Mayo, abbot (732).

14th March St. Kyrin (Boniface Curitan), bishop of Ross (660). St. Talmach, disciple of Saint Finbar (7th C).

15th March Hieromartyr Aristobulus of the Seventy, bishop of Britain (1st C).

16th MarchSt. Abban of Kilabban (650). St Finan Lobur, abbot of Swords (5th C).

17th March St. Patrick, bishop of Armagh, Apostle to the Irish (461). St. Beccan of Rhum (677). St. Withburga, hermit at Holkham and East Dereham (ca. 743).

18th March Holy Martyr Edward, King of England (978). St. Egbert of Ripon, Confessor (ca. 720).

19th March St. Auxilius, bishop of Killossey (ca. 460). St. Lactan, abbot of Achadh-Ur (672). Holy Martyr Alcmund (ca. 800).

20th March St Cuthbert the Wonderworker, abbot of Lindisfarne (687). St. Herbert, hermit of Derwentwater (687).

21st March St Enda of Inishmore, abbot of Aran (530).

22nd March St. Darerca, sister of St Patrick (5th C). St. Failbhe, abbot of Iona (7th C). St. Trien, abbot of Killelga (5th C).

23rd March St. Maidoc, abbot of Fiddown (5th C). St. Ethilwald of Farne, hermit (699).

24th March  St. Aedh MacCairthinn, bishop of Clogher (5th C). St. Donard, hermit (506). St. Cairlon, bishop of Cashel (6th C). St. Caimin the Recluse (653). St. Hildelith, abbess of Barking (ca. 712).

25th March  St. Alfwold, bishop of Sherborne (1050). St. Kennocha of Fife (1007).

26th March St. Sincheall, abbot of Killeigh (5th C). St. Mochelloc of Killmallock (639). St. Garbhan (7th C).

27th March St. Suairlech, 1st bishop of Fore in Westmeath (ca. 750). St. Alkeld, Martyr in Yorkshire (10th C).

29th March St. Gladys and St. Gwynllyn, parents of St. Cadoc (6th C). St. Lasar, niece of St Forchera (6th C).

30th March  St. Osburga of Coventry, virgin (c. 1015). St. Fergus, bishop of Downpatrick (6th C). St. Tola, bishop of Disert Tola in Meath (ca. 733)

1 April SS. Caidoc and Fricor (7th C). St. Agilbert, bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames (ca.690). St. Cellach, archbishop of Armagh (9th C). St Tewdric of Tintern

2 April St. Bronach. St. Constantine II, king of Scotland (874). St. Rufus of Glendalough.3 April St Burgundofara of Faremoutiers (+655).

4 April St. Tigernach, abbot of Clones (549). St. Gwerir, hermit of Liskeard.

5 April St. Began, abbot of Kill-Beggan (6th C). St. Derfel-Gadarn, hermit of Llanderfel

6 April St. Elfstan of Abingdon (981). St. Berthanc of Iona (ca. 840). St. Ulched of Llechulched.

7 April St. Brynach, hermit of Pembroke (5th C). SS. Gwrnerth and Llewellyn (6th C). St. Finan Cam, disciple of St Brendan the Voyager (6th C). St. Govan of Cornwall.

8 April St Tilbert of Hexham

9 April St. Nathy, abbot of Achonny, Sligo (610). St. Madrun (5th C). St. Dotto of Orkney (6th C). Holy Martyr Hedda, abbot of Peterborough, and those monks with him (869). Holy Martyr Theodore, abbot of Crowland, and those monks with him (869).

10 April Monk-martyrs Beocca and Hethor at Chertsey, martyred by the Danes (869).

11 April St. Machai, disciple of St. Patrick (5th C). St. Maedhog, abbot of Clonmore (6th C). St. Guthlac, Hermit and Wonderworker of Crowland (714).

12 April St. Wigbert, Monk and Missionary (690).

13 April St. Guinoc, Scottish bishop (ca. 838).

14 April St. Tassach, 1st bishop of Raholp and disciple of St. Patrick (ca. 497).

15 April St. Ruadhan, hermit and abbot of Lothra (584). St. Mundus, abbot in Argyle (ca. 962).

16 April St. Padarn, Missionary and Wonderworker, founder of Llanbadarn Fawr (550).

17 April Hieromartyr Donnan of Eigg and fifty-two monks with him (616).

18 April St. Laserian of Innismurray and Arran (639). St. Deicola, abbot of Bosham (7th C). St. Cogitosus of Kildare (8th C).

19 April Hieromartyr Alphege, 29th archbishop of Canterbury (1012).

20 April St. Caedwalla, King of Wessex (689). [Oda of Rivroelle; St Marcellinus of Embrun, St Grimonia of Picardy]

21 April St. Beuno, abbot of Clynnog Fawr (ca. 640). St. Maelruba of Applecross (722).22 April none given [Basilia, St Blatta, St Lucy of Lyons, St Opportuna, St Senorina, St Tarbula.]

23 April St. Ibar of Leinster (5th C). [23 April St Pusinna, St Responsa]

24 April St. Mellitus, 3rd archbishop of Canterbury (624). St. Egbert of Lindisfarne (729). St. Dyfnan, son of King Brychan. St. Ivo, hermit of Huntingdonshire (1001). [St Bova, Coenneta, B. Corona (2), St Doda, St Elisabeth (5) the Wonderworker, St Rufina (10), St Sambacia, St Sara (3), St Theodestia, St Ventura, St Zotica]

25 April St. Macaille, bishop of Croghan (489). St. Mella, abbess of Doire-Melle(ca. 780). [St Callista (2), St Theresa (3), St Nice (2)]26 April none given [St Glaphyra, St Euthymia, St Simia]

27 April St. Asic, bishop of Elphin (490). Holy martyr Newlyna of Cornwall, (5th C). St. Enoder (6th C). St. Winewald, abbot of Beverley (751). [St Franca, St Generosa, St Germana (1), St Germilina, St Evanthia, St Felicia, St Merwenna, St Timia, St Zita]

28 April St. Cronan, abbot of Roscrea (7th C). St. Gerard the Pilgrim (639). [St Domitiana, St Malina, St Nicia (1), St Proba, St Theodora, St Valeria]

29 April St. Dictinus the Swineherd, of Ulster (5th C). St. Endelienta (Endellion), Virgin recluse in Cornwall (6th C). St. Fiachan of Munster (7th C). St. Senan, hermit of North Wales (7th C). St. Swithbert the Younger, bishop and missionary (807). St. Wilfrid the Younger, archbishop of York (744). [St Benonia, St Coningenia, St Megine, St Pagata, St Tertulla (1)]

30 April St. Erconwald, bishop of London(ca. 693). St. Cynwl, hermit (6th C). [St Hildegard, St Hoylda, St Cotidia, Queen of the Franks, St Majorica, St Maxentia (1)]

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