Posted by: anna | August 1, 2011

Pope St Symmachus

Today (19 July) in the calendar of early western saints we commemorate St Symmachus, Orthodox Pope from 498 to 514. His tenure was marked by an unedifying row about how popes were legitimately elected. At the very end of a long description of the political toings and froings and struggles with various kinds of heresy throughout the Empire, the Catholic Encyclopedia mentions some of his more practical local actions as Bishop of Rome, which are picked up in the troparion below.
Ton 5 Tropaire à saint Symmaque, Pape orthodoxe, (Natalice en 514 A.D.)

Evêque de Rome, ami de Constantinople,*
Tu dus lutter contre le schisme dans l’Eglise.*
Tu fus la providence pour les délaissés,*
Œuvrant pour soulager les misères humaines,*
Et accueillir les pèlerins venus à Rome.*
Saint Symmaque, prie le Seigneur de nous sauver!
Bishop of Rome, friend of Constantinople,
You were required to battle against the schism in the Church.
You provided for the welfare of the neglected,
Working to relieve human misery
And to welcome the pilgrims who came to Rome.
St Symmachus, pray to the Lord to save us!

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