Posted by: anna | August 2, 2011

St Severa

Today (20 July) in the rather quiet calendar of early western saints we commemorate St Severa of Trier, abbess of St Gemma, and her later namesake at another convent in Trier. To clarify (a bit), Trier and Trèves are the same place. From orthodoxengland:
Severa July 20, + c 680. Sister of St Modoald, Bishop of Trier in Germany. First Abbess of St Gemma (later Sainte-Sevère) in Villeneuve near Bourges in France.

Severa July 20, + c 750. Abbess of the convent of Oehren in Trier (St. Irminen in Öhren in Trier) in Germany.
The 7th century Severa is also mentioned as abbess of the convent of St Symphorian at Trier. Once again a fair amount of confusion in the various half-digested sources. (in Dutch)
Devout sister of Bishop St Modoald of Trier,
You became the first abbess of the monastery
of St Gemma in the diocese of Bourges,
leading your nuns into the Kingdom of God
in ascesis, fasting and prayer.

Saint Severa, beseech Christ to save us!

Sœur très dévote de saint Modoald de Trèves,
Tu devins la première higoumène au couvent*
De sainte Gemme dans le diocèse de Bourges,*
Menant tes moniales au Royaume de Dieu*
Dans l’ascèse, dans le jeûne et dans la prière.*
Sainte Sévère, prie le Christ de nous sauver!


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